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Write a text message to send special offers and discounts to enhance your brand and grow your business.
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TEXT MESSAGE SENDER is an SMS provider that allows you to send text messages online throughout North America and all over the World. Since 2001 Text Message Sender has been sending Marketing SMS text messages from computer for thousands of companies worldwide with an excellent quality of service and efficiency. The SMS text messages sold are of the highest premium quality which means:

  • SMS text messages are only sent via the National Telephone Operators
  • Dynamic Sender option is available for International text messages
  • Send SMS text messages instantly
  • Receive status of text messages sent at no extra cost
  • The specialized Inbound Message Handler helps manage incoming reply text messages

Many times the Low quality SMS never reach their intended target since they are sent by local operators that do not have the same features as Text Message Sender.

Why Communicate with SMS Text Messages?

  • Over 5 billion people worldwide own a cell phone and therefore a HUGE target market
  • People are always on the go. With SMS Text Messaging you’ll reach those customers every time no matter where they are
  • There is a 98% read rate with Text Messaging
  • SMS text messaging is an OPT-IN service so your customers will never receive unwanted, unsolicited SPAM messages
  • Cost is much lower than other advertising methods and have a much higher redemption rate (higher return on investment)
  • Other advertising methods like flyers, letters, promotional coupons etc. clog up the mail and usually get discarded before being read
  • To send SMS you can reach thousands of your customers instantly
  • Your customers will always have the message since it’s on their phone.
  • You do not require hours and hours of preparatory work since there are no graphics, proofs, printing or publishing needed.
  • To send text messages from computer is environmentally friendly so no paper is required

Why Send Text Messages from Computer with TEXT MESSAGE SENDER?

  • Text messaging from computer is simple!
  • From anywhere in the world you can send SMS text messages as long as you have an internet connection
  • No software installation or computer knowledge is required. Just send SMS from computer
  • Send text messages to any mobile phone in the world
  • Send mass text messages instantly with a single click
  • The Dynamic Sender option allows you to customize the sender of the message with the name of your company (International SMS only)
  • All SMS sent are safe, fast and traceable
  • Delivery status for each message sent is available
  • The "Import Data" function allows you to import your address book from an Excel spreadsheet into your Contacts in seconds
  • Can organize all your Contacts into different Groups for different types of Text Messages
  • If the customer’s phone is off, the service continues to try to send for 48 hours
  • Text Message Sender is available to assist with any service issues 24/7

How much does it cost?

Registration for the Text Message Sender is completely free. The only cost is for the purchase of SMS Text Messages that you want to send at very affordable and competitive prices. SMS can be purchased from this website with a few clicks via credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

I am ready to use Text Message Sender. How do I register?

Click here or any of the "Try it for Free" buttons above and fill out the registration form. Once registered you will receive a userid and password to get into your "Private Area" or "Control Panel" from which you can immediately start to send text messages online. You'll send your first Mobile Marketing Text Message campaign within minutes!

With Text Message Sender you can feel confident that delivery of your promotional SMS text message offers and information will be successful. To send text messages from computer has never been easier!

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